Nils Thomsen – Legal Case

Several years ago I chose a business partner to manage and eventually take over my second tobacco shop. The contract had been set up in such a way that once the rental contract had been fulfilled and the merchandise in the store had been paid in full, my business partner would have the choice to move the shop to a different location. Over the weekend, my family and I were at home. While we were away the shop owner adjacent to my tobacco shop noticed that two men were taking the merchandise out of the store and putting it in a truck. The shop owner called the police and explained to them that someone was evidently stealing merchandise from the store. Over the course of the next two hours, the shop owner continued to call the police begging that they at least come to clarify the situation. After several attempts and still no reaction from the police the shop owner called me after which I again called the police to report that two men were stealing merchandise that had not yet been paid for and I headed for the store.

I arrived at the store approximately 15 minutes later to find two police officers standing and watching the two men remove the last of the merchandise from my store. I immediately explained to the police that the merchandise that was being taken had not been paid for and asked that they stop the two men. They ignored my request and forcefully escorted me away from the store while allowing the two men to take the last of the merchandise.

Afterwards, in a private discussion with one of the Heads of Police in Berlin, the police chief confirmed that the two officers had made several mistakes on that day. However, officially the police officers and those in charge misrepresented the facts and falsified information in order to protect themselves. Their actions and or lack thereof cost my family over 120,000 € in stolen merchandise, personal bankruptcy and over six years of financial insecurity and destitution.

For the past six years, my family and I have made endless sacrifices and have worked hard and most importantly together, to repay the 120.000 € in business loans and we are proud that we paid the last installment a couple of weeks ago. Now my family is no longer in danger of liens, repositions and further damage to personal credit and we are finally, after six years, able to begin allocating some of our earnings towards a better quality of life and a financial future. In addition, I am now able to continue to fight for my rights and the rights of my family. As a businessman, I am bankrupt; I do not have the financial resources to employ proper legal counsel. However, as a well educated, former Major in the German Army, Pipe maker of the Year in 2007, father of two children and a citizen of Germany, I have the dedication, aptitude and right to approach the German Government for help and support.

Therefore, I have sent all related information regarding this case to the Mayor of Berlin, and the members of parliament that represent my district at both the state and federal level. I have made this case, and all related information available to the public, and in so doing have increased the government’s awareness and subsequent activity.

As with any large government institution, process is complex and slow. I remain in daily contact with various government offices and I have every indication that those responsible for my loss will eventually be brought to justice. Until that time I will continue to make my case known and humbly request the aide or support of anyone able to help the real victims in this case, my children, Erik and Rike.

Thank you in advance to anyone who would like to make a donation to my children or would like to make a purchase whereby the funds go directly to them. Please be assured that your donation will be processed in accordance with paypal terms and conditions.

Thank you again for your interest and support.

So please read that document, if You want, help a bit. You also can bye one of the things here, money goes to the children...Mail me to have paypal-contact ore come to Berlin/Germany with cash :-))

Thank You in advance in the name of my children Rike and Erik,

Parents: Birgit and Nils Thomsen

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